I’m Lena, it’s nice to meet you.

I’m a woman that loves the hustle. I’ve worked in film production for four years, linking producers and creative teams to directors, editors, colourists, and design studios. I’ve taught hundreds of tipsy bridesmaids how to paint nude models. I’ve demonstrated safe sex practices to high school classrooms of screaming teen women. I once presented my vision for sustainable travel at United Nations. I’ve emceed crowdfunding events for green businesses, and built communications campaigns to help them succeed. I once applied to medical school. I’ve hosted fundraising events for feminist galleries and youth mentorship programs, grassroots environmental organizations and fair-trade businesses. I’ve exhibited my artwork in New York City, and had a leg lengthened. I’ve published restaurant reviews in Taiwan, and survived a car accident in the mountains of Panama. I was creative director of an international travel magazine while working a full time job, and I’ve kept a journal since I was ten years old.

I’ve found a pretty round-about way to get here, but you can’t deny I’ve got a lot of experience.

I currently provide consulting services in business development and digital marketing for production companies and non-profit organizations. A skilled content writer and project manager, in the realm of film production, I work as a resource and translator between creative teams and our directors, consolidating both creative asks and operational capabilities. I balance sales and new business with an internal advisory role, helping the companies I work with adapt to the tectonic plates of new media.

I strive to elevate the voices of marginalized women in film through my role in representation, and hope to establish a community of doers and disruptors in my new home of Los Angeles, California.

Feel free to use the form below to connect, I’m always looking for more creative oddities to add to my list.