Untitled, 2017

This collage is découpaged onto a reused acrylic tile. It is the first of my Playboy series, through which I re-contextualize imagery used in the men’s magazines to create a new narrative for the caricatures, models, and advertisements.

I spend much time reflecting upon the socio-political climates of the imagery I pull from the sixties to nineties: particularly the static objectification and sexualization of womxn’s bodies, lack of people of color and queer/trans people represented, and the encouragement to consume, buy, build status through accumulation of things.

I find the advertisements fascinating, as some of the photography and art direction is stunning, but the accompanying copy and brand identity is now completely outdated and misogynist. For example, one notable cigarette ad featuring a model surrounded by smoke read, “Blow On Her Face.”

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